Nubbin Creek Trail Campsite, Cheaha Wilderness, AL

  • Trailhead Parking

This is a great little trailside campsite tucked into the Cheaha Wilderness. It is only a couple of miles from the Nubbin Creek Trailhead, so access is pretty easy. The hike in is easy and there are some nice sights along the way.

At the trailhead, there are 2 trails, 1 to the left and 1 to the right, take the 1 to the right that heads north. You will see a trail sign on the right of the trail and in the distance, you will see a kiosk on the left. This is your trail.

Follow the trail north until it swings to the west and runs parallel to Mill Shoals Creek for a short distance. (there is a trail that heads off to the right, that’s not your trail) In the Fall and winter, after the leaves drop, there are supposed to be great views of cascades of Mill Shoals Creek to the right. There are also spur trails that lead down to the creek.

Continuing on Nubbin Creek Trail west, the trail dips to the south with a small brook off to the left. The trail then u-turns and starts to head back to the north. Along the way, you cross several dry creek beds and runoffs with a couple of wet brook crossings.(I’m not sure if they are wet in the winter)

Heading northwest for about a half a mile after the u-turn the trail crosses Mill Shoal Creek and there is a picture worthy waterfall on the left. The trail veers right after crossing the creek for about 500 feet and then swings around to veer left heading northwest again. Then turns to the north for about 500 feet until it comes to another creek crossing.(there is no name for this creek on the map)

The trail swings to the southeast and then to the north for a gentle climb along the eastern side of the ridgeline. Looking to the east is a great view of the valley below.The trail continues north for about 1000 feet and then veers west and the campsite is about 250  feet on the right.

There is a small brook maybe 50 yards north of the campsite that I discovered while doing a little bit of exploring. I doubt this is a reliable water source in the dry season, but I’m not sure. The last creek crossing definitely seems large enough to flow year round though.

There is also an old jeep track that leads to Cave Creek that I had a nice little time exploring. It is a pretty steep walk back up to the campsite though.



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