LED Light Strip Made in China  


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Product Introduction
This led strip light is 1100V AC input directly, do not need buy extra transformer, easier to installation. Max Length can be 100 meters by powered one end. High produce technology of extrusion silicon tube slot waterproof. EMC approved.
Product Parameters
No.LED QtyVoltagePower
KU-2835-120D120110V AC8720903800K-4200K>80Ra
Product Drawing
鈼?Size unit for mm.
鈼?nbsp;Mixer length tolerance is plus or minus 0.5% mm, the accuracy of the length of the article lamp, only the length of the connector of other quick connector to connect to the other.
鈼?nbsp;The width of the tolerance of+/-0.5mm.
鈼?nbsp;Each the size of the smallest unit for 500mm.
220V High voltage led strip features
鈼?110V/220V/230v/240v can be directly used with a power cord without extra adapter or power source.
鈼?Max Length can be100 meters and can be cut or connected by every one meter.
鈼?Silicone tube provides good waterproof and can be used both indoor & outdoor.
鈼?Solid-state for high vibration resistance and good flexibility for any shape.
鈼?Packing is 100 meter one roll.
鈼?Easy installation and save cost on power supply.
Flex led strip lights application
鈼?Indoor or outdoor auxiliary lighting.
鈼?Embedded into dark trough or hidden in the indoor or outdoor space with aluminum clips, emits soft light to achieve auxiliary lighting and adjust atmosphere.
Why choose KingUnion?
We have strict inspection standards for whole production, each strip quality is tested, followed 100% full inspection and 8-10 hours aging testing. LED BIN and color Ra are carried out under strict supervision in order to provide uniform illumination of strips. No matter closet lighting or outdoor building decoration you can find quality strip here.
Is the high voltage led strip light safe?
Sure it is. The flexible high voltage led strip has thick silicon tube around to make it waterproof IP65 to IP67. We will do 100% power on inspection before we send out the goods. It has UV protection PVC to avoid plastic embrittlement.LED Light Strip Made in China