Pablo Rabazar makes $28 million a year.  


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 Duane Aller makes $35 million a year. You make ten dollars an hour." -- Grand Theft Auto VI don't know what better way to begin an article about overpaid and underpaid players than to ridicule the fact we're calling people making millions of dollars underpaid. There's people reading this as they're waiting for more people to order drinks at the bar -yes , we caught you - as someone throwing the trash out at the convenience store down the street is getting angry at one of these picks. There's nothing better than self-depreciation, folks.With the NFL season back and plenty of players about to get paid more money than most of us could even dream of, let's talk contracts. Which deals are teams really regretting signing, either for simply overpaying the wrong player or for changes in philosophy, and which players are regretting being underpaid despite their efforts.With the exception of one fairly obvious player who comes in as an honorable mention,none of these players will be free agent signings from this past offseason Jachai Polite Jersey , though contract extensions would be eligible. In addition, no rookie contracts are eligible, because that is a copout and shame on you for thinking we were going to list Marcus Mariota as underpaid in his third season.If you're ready to join us in wishing we had the type of money these players have, let's do this. If there is one professional sports league that has no patience for a dip in production, it's the National Football League.In the NBA, a coach might put a slumping star in a different role or scale back the player's minutes to give him some rest. Major League Baseball managers might give a star a day off or put him in to pinch-hit in a situation that could help him regain his form in confidence. Hockey coaches might give their dormant stars a swift kick in the rear and straight into the press box Chuma Edoga Jersey , to give the guy a chance to clear the cobwebs and wake up from his on-ice slumber.In the NFL, you'll find a permanent spot on the bench - right before you're asked to turn in your playbook and clear your locker. Football is as cutthroat as it gets. In a much shorter regular season compared to the other major North American sports, the room for error is smaller than the window between two defenders double covering a receiver.Because of this, we've seen time and time again that a good start to your NFL career - or a breakout year midway through it - does not guarantee tenure. It does not guarantee anything, really, other than another chance to prove your worth. Rarely is anyone immune to the NFL chopping block Trevon Wesco Jersey , and flash in the pan players are the best example of that. Players on this list made a sustained impact at some point in the careers, only to fade out of the league and eventually out of our football memories.