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It's time to be the prime minister of some new watches launched by Breitling

As you might have seen from some other well-known colleagues in the watch industry (BREITLING Navitimer B03 Rattrapante 45 RB0311E61F1P1), Breitling announced some new and interesting watches. I'm sure most people focus on chronographs, but I want to pay special attention to the non-chronograph models they released, namely Breitling Premier Automatic 40 and Breitling Premier Automatic Day & Date 40.

When I first realized Breitling, it was because their watches were easily classified as flying computers. Basically, they are timers with super busy chapter rings (and sometimes even dials) to enable all calculations that the pilot may need to perform. Given my low requirements for chronographs, it is no surprise that these watches are not my legitimate work. Fortunately, for people like me, Breitling has more things than those watches. I especially like the Superocean and retro Transocean series. Well, I'm pretty sure I can also add the new Breitling Premier series to this group.

Although I may look down on timers (in general), I do respect the complexity of machinery. Moreover, if you like timepieces, then Breitling Premier also has some attractive options. For me, if we don’t talk about Greenwich Mean Time, I would use a simple three-handed operation (preferably with a date indicator). The first is the Breitling Premier Automatic 40, "just" a simple three-handed hand. For this, you have indicated the main time of the lollipop with the pointer of the baton and popped it up for a few seconds above the 6 o'clock position. The dial itself (regardless of the color) is brushed on Sundays and painted with Breitling "B" at 12 o'clock. Surprisingly (at least for me), I like the golden "B" shape-it pops up very well and is not inconsistent with formal steel high quality replica watches.

Steel is the foundation of these Breitling Premier watches. The case between these two non-chronographs is the same – 40 mm, 11.4 mm in height (quite good for automatic transmission), and sapphire crystals (the case back is solid). From the front, the case itself looks very understatement. What makes them stand out is when you see the outline of the shell, you realize that there are some rather interesting grooves on the side for mixing products. These watch cases look completely polished, so I feel they might be a bit like fingerprint magnets.

As I mentioned, there are two watches sharing this case. Another one of the mashups, I find that I prefer Breitling Premier Automatic Day & Date40. As you might expect, a short second has passed, and the date (6 o'clock) is displayed where you need it, and the day of the week is displayed at 12 o'clock. This does bring different changes to the watch (see the full list of specifications below), but for our purposes, they are almost the same (not including complications)-automatic, 40-hour power reserve, 4 Hz frequency And COSC certification. In other words, as long as the watch stays tightened, you should set it up and forget it.Richard Mille RM 11-03 replica watches

Both of the watches we talked about on the Breitling Premier collection use straps or bracelets, depending on the specific choice. Although some people might want them to look more like "flying" Breitlings in the catalog, even the pilots have to land at some point, right? I am very happy to see the addition of the Premier series and can't wait to know where it goes.

Brand and model: Breitling Premier Automatic 40 / Breitling Premier Automatic Day&Date 40

Who do we think this might be for: You are a loyal supporter of Breitling’s aesthetics and history, but hope that your items will not be too messy

Will I buy one for myself based on my own knowledge? If the blue dial is available on the date/date, it must be a temptation.

If I could make a design suggestion, it would be: of course, make the blue dial available on the date/date – get some color matching date dials for the darker dials

Regarding this watch, what touched me the most is: in order to solve a single detail problem, I will focus on the information of the case.Graham replica watches

Reference: A37340351
Watch movement
Movement: Breitling 37 movement
Diameter: 25.6 mm
Depth: 5.6 mm
Winder: automatic, with double-acting ball bearing rotor
Power reserve: at least 40 hours
Balance frequency: 28,800 a/h or 4 Hz
Display: hours, minutes, seconds
Certification: COSC certification