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If you want to get a very good idea about what country-style home decorating is all about Jay Bouwmeester Canada Jersey , then watch old American movies made in the 1940s and 1950s. Even some of the attitudes reflected in the 1960s most popular TV shows, are trying to be recaptured here in the 21st century. Back in those days, life was more open and straightforward in just about every way. There was still a strong feeling of working hard for what you earned and giving people a fair hand. People were simple back then, with grounded beliefs Jamie Benn Canada Jersey , warm thoughts toward others, and knowing your neighbor was commonplace. Ordinary citizens of today, who were grounded in the past, still believe in those old-fashioned feelings. This is the reason for the popularity of the style called country Jake Muzzin Canada Jersey , and also its resurgence and growth.


If you are on a budget, there is no need to worry because the country style motif can be accomplished for far less than you think. One of the most common components of this country theme are tools that were once used on the farm and in rural areas. Throughout the last few hundred years, thousands of tools have been made which you can usually find in your neighborhood for cheap at garage sales or secondhand stores. Start thinking about the tools you would like to see in your country room and look for them on the weekends or in the newspaper. You can also check the newspaper for yard sales, if you happen to be traveling out of town Guy Lafleur Canada Jersey , that might have what you want. As a last resort, antique shops might have some of these items and little mom-and-pop stores may well have them in their back rooms. You can still see old fashioned home designs in older neighborhoods, for instance a Cape Cod style home or those little box homes build out of wood. Using country style for the theme in many different kinds of cottages is not uncommon. Furthermore, fireplaces would be a palpable piece as that is what people used prior to the introduction of central heating. Therefore it is not surprising that you can see tremendous amounts of country decorations for the mantel piece. We have always been in agreement that old-fashioned mantel clocks provided an ideal touch above the fireplace. Speaking of which Duncan Keith Canada Jersey , nowadays we do not often see grandfather clocks in homes, which is regrettable since they can be so distinct and dazzling.


There is a lot of talk about furnishings, as there should be, they are extremely significant. But looks turn our attention to walls and windows because there are lots of possibilities here.


When you use colors that are muted Drew Doughty Canada Jersey , you will be more likely to create an air of comfort and satisfaction. If you would like to create a calm mood in your environment, use indistinct colors. You can get a great look for your home just by hanging old pictures. The caf? variety of window dressing, with tabs, is a very fashionable type of curtain. Country style remodels are fun for most people because of the many options that are available to get that rustic feel. Often times Dan Hamhuis Canada Jersey , even when you’re not looking, the things you are looking for to place in that room will just appear.


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5 Creative, Low Cost Ways to Get More Virtual Clients Business Articles | September 2, 2015

Building a business and client base is tough in any profession or industry. However Dale Hawerchuk Canada Jersey , building your virtual assistance client base presents a unique challenge. One of the key benefits to working as a virtual assistant is that you have the opportunity to make a big impact in your clients’ professional lives whilst still working remotely.

Of course, working virtually has its challenges. It’s difficult to break through the noisiness of the internet to actually get noticed by prospective clients.


If you’re working remotely and want to build your virtual assistance business, here are our top 5 ways to attract attention and secure those key clients.



1. Write a Blog About Productivity


One of the major problems that you can solve for your clients is the difficulty of maintaining optimal productivity. Your clients are most likely to reach out to you if they know that you understand their pain and can easily and quickly relieve them of their problems. By writing a blog, specifically around the subject of productivity Corey Perry Canada Jersey , you will show your prospective clients that you understand their problems. You can write different blog posts that discuss productivity tips—including delegating their workload to you, their virtual assistant.


2. Create and Share Quote Memes


Quote memes are popular across social media. They are a great way to get noticed and build a following online. Use a tool such as to quickly create inspirational quote images. Make sure to hone in on your niche by creating memes on productivity and how to manage the admin side of a business.
3. Start a #MotivationMonday Campaign


If you’re building a social media following in order to get new clients, one creative way to gain attention is to start a #MotivationMonday social campaign. #MotivationMonday is a common hashtag which often trends on Twitter on Mondays. The key benefit of #MotivationMonday posts is that they offer a motivation boost to stressed-out workers starting their working week off. Remember that those Monday blues are the types of pains that you want to solve for your clients. Offer them inspiration and hope and they’ll soon see you as someone who should be helping them out as a virtual assistant.


4. Live-Streaming


Do you ever find that people aren’t really aware that hiring a virtual assistant is even an option? Do they really know what a virtual assistant can do for them? Live-streaming is a fast-growing trend that can help you to uncover the mystery around what you do. New tools such as Meerkat enable you to send liv. Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys From China   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys   Cheap Vintage NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys