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Write an E-book and Double Your Business Business Articles | August 21 Tigers Nick Castellanos Jersey , 2008

Imagine your name on the front cover of your e-book or book! Whether you are a personal coach, professional speaker, corporate executive, or skilled professional, writing an e-book or book can b...


Imagine your name on the front cover of your e-book or book! Whether you are a personal coach, professional speaker Tigers Josh Harrison Jersey , corporate executive, or skilled professional, writing an e-book or book can be an incredible marketing tool to expand your client base and increase your visibility?often by huge numbers.


Your book will not only provide an additional source of income, but it allows you to reach more people than you ever could otherwise. With e-books today, you can literally reach a global market. Additionally a book will:


·??????? establish you as an expert


·??????? enhance your professional reputation


·??????? build a new client base for sales of future services and products


So what I like to say is writing an e-book or book is that you will increase your CREDIBILITY, VISIBILITY & PROFITIBILITY!


Here?s how it works. While marketing your business through normal channels Tigers Kirk Gibson Jersey , you can now add ?author? to your list of credentials. For example, say you are a coach and you wrote an e-book or book called ?Do It All, Without Doing Yourself In? about how to balance your personal and work life as an entrepreneur. You are at a networking meeting where there are two other coaches. You will stand out as the only authorcoach. Immediately you are perceived at a different level and may attract additional business. At the same time, members of the group may decide to buy your book, and if you direct readers of the book to your website to sign up for your newsletter (this information should be in the back of your book), you will have captured their name for future contacts.


??????????? Or suppose you market your business as an accountant through your quarterly newsletter Tigers Al Kaline Jersey , either printed or electronic. You can now add an order form for your e-book, called ?Balance Your Budget, Balance Your Business? and attract new tax clients when people respond to your newsletter offers or read your book and contact you.


??????????? Now, as an author, you will have a whole new strategy for marketing your business?by doing what authors do: book signings, talks Tigers Alan Trammell Jersey , workshops, interviews, press releases, what many e-book authors are now doing, which is marketing exclusively online with teleclasses, articles Womens Sparky Anderson Jersey , and blogs. So when you send out a press release about the your new book on self-care, ?Relax Your Way to Health?, you mention your bodywork business and create additional visibility for your business as well as the book. In this case, being a business person in your field of expertise?healing?enhances your credibility as an author on your book?s subject. See how the two work together!


But you say, ?I can?t write an e-book or book! I?m not a writer. And besides, I don?t have the time or discipline.? Not to worry. Today Womens Miguel Cabrera Jersey , there are all sorts of professionals just waiting to hold your hand and guide you through the complete process from idea to finished product. Book coaches, editors, and ghostwriters as well as book marketing gurus can help you through every step in the process. And with recent technological advances in publishing, anyone can now write and publish an e-book or book easily and economically?and fairly quickly. Can you now envision your name on the cover of your book? Say, ?YES!?


It is very important to know that those students who have completed their online degrees from online universities have definitely gone many steps further than how they were prior to completing the online degree, so it is really beneficial to get an online degree Womens Christin Stewart Jersey , no matter your field of endeavor.


Many people undergo an online degree and online courses with the hope of changing careers and so choose an online degree in a field that’s completely different from that in which they are working. Once you have enrolled in an online degree or university, getting started with your online classes is very easy; most of the online colleges and universities will present everything that will make the experience a very pleasant and fulfilling one for you. You can reach your online instructor by email, teleconferencing and even by phone.


There are various “instant online degree certificate-awarding universities“ out there; beware of such because they are mostly scams. If you are someone who abhors the idea of sitting down in a classroom with dozens of other people, then an online degree ensures you get your education at the privacy and comfort of your home or office.


If you are like me that always hated the idea of sitting down for hours in a traditional classroom setting, an online degree is definitely for you. You can choose one of the best online universities and select the online courses as per your interest.


In most online bachelor degree settings, the standard time frame for your degree course work is one class every five or so weeks. If you calculate all the costs that you would pay in a regular university Womens Nick Castellanos Jersey , such as accommodation costs, library costs, and other such costs, you will realize that it’s even cheaper, in most cases, to get an online degree.


Even a full time doctor that has a very busy time at work can enjoy the benefit of an online degree by enrolling for an Online Doctorate Degree and receive the classes at her pace Womens Josh Harrison Jersey , whenever she wants.


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