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Here are some general best practices to follow so that your website is safe from common cyber threats.
1. Keep your software up to date
Keeping your software updated is crucial to ensure that your site is secure. This is applicable to both the server operating system as well as any software that you may be using on your site such as a CMS or Forum. If there are any security holes in a software Authentic Wilt Chamberlain Jersey , hackers can quickly find them and abuse them.
If you have a managed hosting solution, you don鈥檛 have to worry much about applying security updates as the operating system takes care of it. However, if you are using third-party software on your site Authentic Tim Hardaway Jersey , you should be quick to apply any security patches.
2. SQL Injection
SQL injection attacks happen when a hacker uses a URL parameter or web form filed to get access to your database. When you apply the standard Transact SQL, it can be easy to insert rogue code into a query and that can be used to delete data, get information and change tables. This can be prevented when you use parameterized PDO queries.
3. XSS
XSS attacks can inject malicious JavaScript into your site and can steal information and change page content. You will have to ensure that users are not able to inject JavaScript into your site. This is a major concern in present day web applications. Today Authentic Andre Iguodala Jersey , pages are built majorly from user content and which in several cases generate HTML that is then again interpreted by front-end frameworks such as Ember and Angular. While the frameworks offer XSS protection, blending server and client endering leads to more complex attack avenues as well.
The most important thing here is to find how the user-generated content can avoid the barriers. When generating HTML, apply functions that make the changes you want or use functions in your聽 emplating tool that take care of the appropriate escaping instead of setting raw HTML content.
4. Error messages
Check how much information you are revealing in your error messages. Show only minimal errors to the users so that they don鈥檛 leak secrets on your server. Make sure to avoid offering full exception details Authentic D'Angelo Russell Jersey , as these can make attacks such as SQL injection far easier.
5. Server side validation
Validation should happen both on the server as well as the browser side. The browser can detect imple failures such as mandatory fields in a form that are empty and when users enter text in a numbers only space. Failing to validate can cause scripting code to be inserted into the database and can lead to undesirable results.
6. Passwords
Not many people use complex passwords though they must. It is important that you apply strong passwords in your website admin and server area. Also, you must urge your users to do the same to secure their accounts. Passwords should be stored as encrypted values. Using a one way hashing algorithm such as SHA for the purpose is recommended. For added website security, you can
salt the passwords. If someone steals your passwords Authentic Draymond Green Jersey , having hashed ones can limit the damage as it is not easy to decrypt them.
HTTPS is employed to provide security online. If you have anything in your site that your users would want private, it鈥檚 recommended that you use only HTTPS to deliver it. It is a good idea to apply HTTPS for your entire le has announced that it will give a search engine ranking boost to sites that use HTTPS thereby offering it an SEO benefit as well.
8. Website security tools
After you think you have done all that you can do to secure your website, it is time to test it for the same. The best way to do this is to use some website security tools.
There are several free and commercial products available for the purpose.
9. Install Firewall and Malware scanners
Make sure to have the scanners in place. These will scan your website to detect external and internal hacks. There are custom alerting options that will let you know when there is a security issue.
These are some of the tips to keep your site secure and safe. While most CMSes today have plenty of inbuilt website security features Authentic Stephen Curry Jersey , it is still a good idea to know about the common security exploits so that you know that you are covered.
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