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The earliest origin of dressing up may come from the interpretation of myths and legends, folk anecdotes, etc., as well as festival stories, literary works, philosophical theories, ancestor worship plots, invigorating plots, side interpretation of desires, spiritual fantasy, etc., and corresponding costumes , Props and plot, presenting the roles and content to be performed vividly.During character masquerades, Halloween parades, New Year’s parades, National Day parades, or special ceremonies held anytime and anywhere, many people dress up as characters from holiday stories or various mascots, and the strong dressing culture is reflected.Champion of Cosplay

Cosplay culture has become popular and developed in the ACG world. At the same time, through various Cosplay activities, media introductions, and a large number of Internet disseminations, the number of free participants in Cosplay has increased sharply, and Cosplay has gradually obtained a real and independent development.Spider Man Costume

Cosplay is usually regarded as a sub-cultural activity.