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Printing Your Way To A Green Earth Computers Articles | January 27 Myles Garrett Shirt , 2005

When we say new technology the first word that pops in our minds is computer. Computer dominates our planet. The next word to associate computer is printer. In almost all industries, a computer without printer is useless because printer does the ultimate output of your work.


Before reading Jennifer Proia?s article I never knew that the ink used in printing contributes to the pollutions that endanger human existence. According to her, commercial printing process creates enormous amounts of carcinogens Nick Chubb Shirt , hazardous wastes and pollution. Before we proceed to the solutions let us first familiarize ourselves with these few important words.

Carcinogen is a solvent that compose the mixture of chemicals used in press-cleaning solution. Chemical carcinogens include methylene chloride, benzene and perchloroethylene. Evidences show that certain industries such as printing are associated with an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Bladder cancer is believed to be caused by carcinogens.

When presses and equipments are cleaned it generates solvent and solvents containing liquids. These solvents may be toxic or flammable and almost all are classified as volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Once in the atmosphere, VOCs combine with other pollutants. These pollutants form ozone Denzel Ward Shirt , called smog. Smog is an air pollutant that aggravates lung diseases. Solvents may also cause water pollution if not discharged properly.

So how can we reduce, if not eliminate, the use of these harmful solvents?

One way is by choosing printing inks. There are two types of ink Baker Mayfield Shirt , the petroleum-based ink and the soy-based ink, also known as soy ink. Soy inks are made from soybeans. It contains soybean oil used in cooking oil, so it is non-toxic. When used in printing Austin Seibert Shirt , soy ink creates rich, vivid colors. It is safe because it decompose without harm to the environment. Soy inks are accessible. They promote paper recycling and create less waste on press.

So why use harmful ink if you can use earth-friendly ink without compromising output and production?

Another way to prevent pollution is the local exhaust ventilation or LEV. LEV removes offending materials before it can mix with air. With the proper application of LEV, cleaning solvents can be quickly captured. Pollution can be also minimized by using water based cleaners and solutions with carcinogens at concentration below 0.1%.

It is very important to know the product you are using. Read policies and rules regarding chemical use. Be aware of the bad effects it may cause. Dispose of waste materials properly.


It is necessary to take preventive medicines to avoid getting any complicated disease. When you construct house Sheldrick Redwine Shirt , it is normal to include preventive elements like thunder and shock absorber to safeguard the sweet home. Taking precaution is good thing in life instead of waiting for any misfortune to happen. That is the reason government constructs dams and bridges to safeguard the area against flood. Fire extinguisher is needed in every home and office to prevent and protect the place against fire accident. Accidents may happen any time and in any place. One cannot predict any particular situation which triggers fire accident. Sometimes, it may be due to short circuit in current or it may due to any chemical reaction of substances.


Most of the commercial establishments contain CO2 fire extinguisher in several places. It is a general rule to equip any mall and shopping complex with right type of fire alarm so as to prevent any misfortune from taking place. Imagine the rate of loss which would claim hundreds of life and millions worth of property when fire accident takes place in public places. Fire, is capable of destroying volumes of property and lives in few seconds. It is not that difficult to control the spreading of fire Sione Takitaki Shirt , if you have fire equipments handy in your home or office. You cannot get back the precious life of innocent persons in fire accidents. So, it is the responsibility of every mall owner to protect and safeguard the lives and property by installing fire equipments in right places. Consumers become happy and feel secure to visit and shop in complex which have proper devices in them.


Make sure that the fire extinguisher which is installed in commercial places or at home is in good condition. Each month just check the equipment visually to find if anything has been damaged or anything has gone wrong with the instrument. Also, it is the duty of the shop owner to install the devices in handy places such that it can be easily reached during emergency. Unless it is kept in places of easy access Greedy Williams Shirt , it is waste even if you have installed fire devices in many places.


Also, ensure that the instrument is free from any dent or crack and check that the tape is properly sealed and pin is kept intact with the wire. Verify the nozzle of the CO2 fire extinguisher is not blocked or clogged from any impurities and dirt. Thorough examination and physical inspection will make sure that the extinguisher can be put to use, when there is need.


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