Cave Creek Trail Campsite, Cheaha Wilderness, AL

  • Lower Cave Creek Connector


This campsite is located in the Cheaha Wilderness, south of Cheaha State Park on the Cave Creek Trail. There are a few ways to access this site. The shortest route is from the parking area at the Cave Creek Trailhead inside of the Park and to head south for about 2.5 miles. We haven’t gone this way, but we plan to in the future. I will post detailed directions when we do.

You can also park at Turnipseed Trailhead starting on the Chinnabee Silent Trail. This route involves a two-mile climb to Little Caney Head and then heading north on the Pinhoti Trail for a little over a mile to the Lower Cave Creek connector and then heading north on the Cave Creek Trail.

Once joining the Cave Creek Trail, you hike about a mile until you come to a crossing of Cave Creek. (you will start hearing Cave Creek to your right after about 3/4 of a mile)

After crossing Cave Creek the trail heads east uphill for about 1/8 of a mile. When you come to a point where the trail turns to head north again, the campsites are on the right. There is a campsite just off the trail, but if continue past it, you will come to a more secluded site. This is the site we camped at.